Carbon Neutral Certified Company.

AMC Removals Ltd has offset their total organisational emissions footprint (73 tonnes CO2e) by supporting the VCS certified Solar Power project in India, which will reduce carbon emissions via the displacement of fossil fuels. This helps to combat climate change  and sustain our environment for future generations.  
AMC Removals is absolutely committed to retaining its' carbon neutral status. We are all faced with the need to reduce carbon emmissions globally. To become carbon neutral, AMC Removals first reduced all possible emissions and impacts and then contribute to a measured reduction elsewhere to balance the rest. Currently AMC Removals are the only Scottish removal compoany to proudly achieve carbon neutral status.

Corporate Social responsibility.

AMC Removals participate voluntarily in the ‘Career Ready Programme’ from national charity Career Ready. This voluntary programme links High School students with working people and workplaces to develop the students understanding of careers and the right attitudes and professional skills needed to gain employment. This is a time intensive programme involving AMC Removals visiting the student in their school, organising visits to workplaces and supporting a paid internship with AMC Removals during the summer break. For each student, AMC Removals commit to a two year programme of support and help.

AMC Removals also visit local primary schools to give informative talks on a broad range of topics. This is always very much enjoyed by our staff and of course the primary school pupils.

Environmental responsibility.

AMC Removals are absolutely committed to reducing our carbon footprint. 40% of our fleet are Euro 6 compliant. Euro 6 is currently the highest environmental standard for vehicles available.  AMC Removals have further committed to increasing our electric fleet to 11% of the total number of vehicles by 2019, 22% by 2020, 33% by 2022 and 66% by 2024. Our forklift vehicles are now 100% electric and a further commitment to only using 100% renewable electric for our office heating and lighting by late 2018. From late 2018, all electric used by AMC Removals will be 100% renewable, further reducing our carbon footprint


AMC Removals currently recycle over 85% of our waste and have further committed to reducing waste to landfill to 5% or less by 2019. AMC Removals use only recycled packing cartons and recycled paper for packing. Our sofa and mattress covers are high quality and have a typical life of two to three years. AMC Removals never use plastic covers or once use covers. Wardrobe cartons have a lifespan of ten years or more. AMC Removals endeavour to reduce waste, further increase recycling, re-use and refill.